Is it really time to book a 2022 villa holiday?

Judging from the enquiries I’m receiving about my villa finding service, now is the perfect time to organise a 2022 villa holiday. Yes it’s started early. Consequently most villa owners are now setting their prices and availability in response to demand.

If you think that booking this far in advance is just too organised, I have recently dealt with a 2023 booking! It was for a rugby fan booking a villa for two months in the south of France where the Rugby 2023 tournament will be held.

Who is booking a 2022 villa holiday now?

It is not just my previous clients planning their 2022 villa holidays. It is new enquiries from families looking to spend a bit more on somewhere really special for a get together.

Many have chosen to stick to the UK for summer 2021 due to travel restrictions and health concerns. Instead they have decided to book a more luxurious villa holiday in 2022 and maybe even a longer stay if they can work remotely.

The baby boomer generation tell me that they have really missed seeing their children and grandchildren in the last year. Due to travel restrictions and social distancing rules, they have barely been together. Generally, they are the ones booking the villas at the moment. They are giving the whole family something to look forward to, booking a family villa while they still can. What a great way to get together in style!

What kind of villas are popular for 2022?

Large celebration villas for special birthdays and anniversaries are common. Typically, my clients ask me to help them find a villa with 4 to 6 bedrooms, a lovely pool and gardens. Somewhere scenic in Italy or France. Old fashioned ‘shabby chic’ style is out. Contemporary, spacious interiors, modern kitchens and bathrooms are a must. Characterful buildings with wooden beams and an original authentic structure are more sought after compared to new builds though.

What kind of facilities and services are on the wish list?

Each enquiry is unique because everyone has their own particular wish list. Those with young children prefer heated pools (for May and June) with steps in, not a ladder. Many prefer the pool to be gated too. King size beds are important to some, as is a chef to cook meals. Large open kitchens for foodies, an outdoor kitchen and barbecue are a welcome bonus. Many villas now have games rooms kitted out with billiards, video games and board games while active families go for villas with tennis courts, table tennis tables, football pitches and bikes.

What is the favourite location for a 2022 villa holiday?

The holy grail is to be in a peaceful, rural location within walking distance (along a safe pathway) to a sandy beach. Proximity to good, local shops and restaurants is high on the list. Just about everyone booking a villa in France loves the idea of sending the kids to a local boulangerie to buy fresh croissants in the morning! There are places which tick all the boxes of course but we usually have to compromise a bit. Coastal villas on sought after stretches can be less spacious and more expensive than a converted farmhouse a short drive away.

Which regions of France are the most sought after for 2022?

Provence is a timeless favourite. There is a great choice of well-designed and beautifully furnished family villas there. You’re more likely to enjoy hot sunny weather in Provence than further north of course which is a big draw for those coming from the UK. Provence is picturesque, the countryside is stunning and you’re not far from gorgeous beaches, from the white sands and nature reserves of the Camargue to chic Cote D’Azur. The food and wine is amazing and there is plenty to see and do there.

South west France is also popular with family friendly villas on offer and the bonus of more reasonable rental prices compared to Provence.

I had more requests for Ile de Re and Brittany in 2020 than previous years. Families from the UK were nervous about flying due to the pandemic, so it was easier all round to drive through the tunnel to their holiday villas in those more northerly regions. This trend may continue to 2022 but I haven’t seen any evidence to date yet. I think my regular clients are after a bit more guaranteed sunshine for 2022!

What about Italy for a 2022 villa holiday?

Like Provence, Tuscany is still the sought after, classic, Italian destination because it ticks so many boxes. From the picturesque hill towns and wineries of Chianti to the incredible art and architecture of places like Florence and Siena, you cannot fail to love it there. An array of gorgeous family villas with pools in Tuscany gives you plenty of choice.

Puglia is now firmly established as a favourite Italian region to visit too, thanks to its fabulous weather, white beaches, excellent food and laid back style. Over the last 15 years, characterful trulli houses and masserias have been renovated and constructed in unspoiled rural settings. The result is lots of good quality, contemporary holiday homes to choose from.

Sicily is also more popular than ever, thanks to its incredible landscapes, picturesque, historic towns and delicious cuisine. From beautiful historic homes to cutting edge designer villas, there is a good range of holiday homes to choose from.

Sounds good, how do I start my villa search?

Just ask me of course! Tap into my excellent network of reliable villa owners, managers and companies to find your ideal villa. Do this by way of my bespoke villa finding service. I’ll save you time. Email me and we’ll set up an initial call to discuss the best villas for you: Alternatively click through to my enquiry form on my website. For an idea of how I manage each search, read more in my blog post about how I source villas in France and Italy.

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